Salty Wander

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Salty Wander of the Eyre Peninsula

April 13 to 19 🚘#inspiredartisticwandering #roadtrip #eyrepeninsula


Artist Workshops, Eyre Writers Week - author talks, ASO Symphony by the Sea, Portraiture, Comedy, Theatre, morning paddle and/or Shark Net swim (you may spot a baby leafy sea dragon!🐉), National Park visit and hike

Costs based on 3 participants

1400kms transport

(Depending on chosen)

  • Bus $125 each way
  • Car (includes ferry trip) $284
  • Car (no ferry) $150
  • Fly $174 each way

5 nights accom $523 (apartment near beach with balcony) with stop over at Stand Pipe

Facilitation $100

Additional costs: meals, workshop fees & salt events

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