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Quirky Australiana Series

‘Mparntwe Bouquet’

Inspired by Margaret Preston relief prints from the 1940's, the Vegemite jar bursting with my favourite natives was the beginning of the collection of Rosella Sauce bottle, Golden Circle Beetroot tin bouquet print series. It was only fitting that a Bouquet appeared from my 2022 Residency at Central Craft in Mparntwe in the heart of Australia's Northern Territory. The Residency was in a studio on a very sacred women dreaming area with a 300 year old corkwood overlooking. The grounds of the Araluen Gallery and Arts Centre were a botanical reserve and I was fortunte to be gifted an amazing local Educator and Scientist Vicki Skoss to help me create a bouquet of natives right there on the spot.

She explains 'Desert Rose is a type of native hibiscus. Gossypium bickii. Acacia aneura is the mulga. The short leafed corkwood is the Hakea. And the wide leafed plant which has the two leaves hanging down across the billy is the Kurrajong.' She also notes 'The native lemon grass'.

The Kurrajong also know as the Compass tree has an amazing story of providing for many in arid desert conditions. The leaves shaped like emu tracks perfectly captures an amazing month of printmaking, hiking the Larapinta trail and learning to say Mparntwe in respect for our Arrernte Peoples of the Red Centre. The billy was found at an old WW2 dump that Vicki's husband Matt took us out to.

Another landmarks of a unique Australian childhood and history, growing up in Oz conjuring the smells and tastes of freedom and the Australian way of life.

'Mparntwe Bouquet' appeared here for the first time on exhibition SALA Aug 2023 at Goodwood Theatre & Studio's.


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