'For you; The gift of Divine Intervention'

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Relief Print from the series 'Seven Deadly Milagros'.

In 2017 Duck n Weave exhibited for Adelaide Fringe Festival under the theme ‘For you, by you, wih you’. In an exploration of the Mexican tradition of giving a silver Miligros (small charm of the object they want blessed), I asked myself and my friends ‘what are your modern day needs’.

Those that took home a Niccy Pallant Miligros report it worked!

I find myself working in a kinda of talking manner. I want to connect, communicate and give to the viewer. The process was quite cerebral and I find a better result when I think about it less but these were fun. I really do hope for ‘ ..the gift of rising above madmen in power’. At the time it was Bernadi but new names emerge all the time.

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