‘Sanitised Bouquet’

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Quirky Australiana Series

‘Sanitised Bouquet’

'Still a Life' was Ginger Lee's Post Pandemic Collective's 2021 Fringe Exhibition at Gingers Cafe in my Neighbourhood. What a time that was! We can have an Opening, we can't have an Opening. Poor Arthur and Jenny trying to run a cafe in a Pandemic. And what happens to your Artistic practice in a world without Art Spaces and gatherings?

Inspired by Margaret Preston lino prints, this time the Bouquet captures local weeds and common plants you might find in your backyard because that where we were in lockdown.

The Ajax Spray n whip adds to the collection of Vegemite, Rosella Sauce bottle and Golden Circle Beetroot tin bouquet print series. Landmarks of a unique Australian childhood and history growing up in Oz conjuring the smells and tastes of freedom and the Australian way of life. And now the perfect vessel to represent the massive global efforts to contain a noxious and deadly virus.

Limited edition available hand coloured or black and white.

27 x 28 cm

Framed B&W $295

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