‘Coastal Bouquet’

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In the scratchy style of Legendary 1940’s Adelaide Hills Artist Margaret Preston I present my ‘Coastal Bouquet’ for the 2021 Bendigo Bank Port Lincoln Art Prize at the Nautilus Arts Centre.

I’ve had this print as a concept (drawings and research done) since my Mrs Harris's Shop exhibition last year! I’d talked about it for another year before that.

The beetroot tin is an icon for Australians representing a bygone era. For me it signifies the beginning of my spiritual journey linked to a childhood story about my search for the divine and praying for the beetroot stain to be remove that Mum liked to tell my friends!

The plants are all natives and mostly only found on the Eyre Peninsula; South Australia. Pigface (Karkalla), Coastal paper daisy (Helichrysum Leucopsideum), Coastal Saltbush (Atriplex Cinerea), Scrubby Gum (Eucalyptus Albopurpurea or Port Lincoln Gum) built to survive the sandy coastal environment of my hometown. 

The print process has some hiccups including the impact of COVID-19 on the teaching world (we spent the 2020 holidays preparing materials to go online after insane overtime throughout Term 2 & 3 with extra protocols and procedures) so I was elated to celebrate 2 decent prints before I finished hours overtime. 

Made especially for my beautiful hometown and their Port Lincoln Art Prize. However it is part of my 'Quirky Australiana Series'.

Limited edition available hand coloured or black and white (actually I think the b&w might be better but the tin looks great in the retro colours).

27 x 28 cm

Unframed print $130

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