‘ Very Local Bouquet’

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Quirky Australiana Series

‘Very Local Bouquet’

I'm not sure if other Fathers did this but mine was famous for leaving the Sauce bottle upside down to get to the very last skerricks of remaining 'dead horse' (sauce in Aussie). I was back in my hometown Port Lincoln helping my Mum live at home with Dementia. She was pretty lost without my Father who had been covering up the extend of her illness. I became his replacement.

Stories Golden Circle Beetroot tin bouquet print series. Landmarks of a unique Australian childhood and history growing up in Oz conjuring the smells and tastes of freedom and the Australian way of life.

Inspired by Margaret Preston lino prints this Bouquet captured the magnificent Banksia pods, my favourite the ambrae coloured Grevillia and iconic pin wheels.

Limited edition available hand coloured or black and white.

27 x 28 cm

Framed B&W $295

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