Painting Energy or How I became a bald Buddhist Nun.

Painting Energy or How I became a bald Buddhist Nun.

Process is as important as product. I’ve heard this concept my whole life. There’s a lot of philosophy around trying not to be invested in the outcome. I suppose it takes a state of mind to approach it this way.

Two of (what I think were) my most successful works have come out of this idea of leaving concept behind and focussing on aesthetic.

The print ‘Very Local Bouquet’. Conceptually it was based around the Exhibition title ‘Bouquet and I suppose you could look at it conceptually but I didn’t. I just gathered ideas (and a bunch of native flowers!) related to what is the most local ancient interpretation of what’s in front of me. Hence we got a bunch of local native flowers in a vegemite jar.

And just then I suppose I’ve been looking at marks work and been in Morocco for two months and texture was just prominent and just started playing. I went for colours I kinda liked and then another colour I liked together and played with nature products – the morocaan pigments.
I think it’s successful.

I was also discussing with Mark how attractive he/it is to watch him work! There’s some sort of energy that comes out. Hence that’s why I bought his work. A piece of work that is just FULL of energy.

I had the same experience with a piece that my friend Karen bought. An aboriginal artwork from Marla – which is like in the middle of Australia. The energy coming off that work! Where ever it is! Even if I see it in the background of a photo – the energy pulsating from it!

I really like the idea of painting energy. Painting with energy. Being embodied in energy.

So what happens if you making process everything? I know I enjoy carving lino is not such an attractive process but people seem to like watching it..

I like watching someone make something. I get a tingle. I like watching my hairdresser cutting my hair. Hence I never have any hair on my head because !

What it takes! I don’t know. Maybe I’ll be a bald Buddhist nun painting works that I never really think about the outcome in.