Of course I’m knee deep in PATTERN, I’m in Morocco. However… mostly what I find is a kinda decorative moorish design. I’m keen to get home and make my own based on my immersion in Morocco.

What an incredible place! A true adventurers paradise. Tetouan – my home from the last month is a blend of Spanish/African/Moroccan people, colour, architecture and design. Most of the locals speak French, Arabic, Moroccan Arabic & Spanish! I feel this leads to a certain tolerance and open mindedness about others. They are definitely a kind people. Shy elderly ladies stop to show me my bag is open, men won’t allow me to let them go first & everyone really does try to help even when detail is doomed while I butcher their language.

We have been sent off equip with the skills to use the ruler and compass to make our own sacred geometry. Its been pretty influential. I’ve even used a ruler to make a register on the press so my prints aren’t accidently ‘off’. Always thought a good ruler would do me good.

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